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The summoner stood completely still, green tresses shimmering in the morning’s light. The sun was much hotter than usual, much harsher on the reflecting strands an feathers that she wore upon her head. The gemstones that attached to her headdress twinkled and glinted, coral piece surprisingly dull in the comparison of lambent skin.

She’d never seen such a big river before, especially not so early in the morning when the pyreflies had begun to settle. But she’d been standing there for some time, since before dawn, just watching the little orbs of light stay afloat. A fire in the center of the night sky… she wondered if it would be visible from the moon. It was beautiful… and something of it reminded her desperately of the Feymarch she missed so earnestly.

She held tightly onto the staff she’d bought off the innkeep back in Guadosalam. It was a golden rod with a large, decorateive top piece. Made of what she assumed was lapis lazuli, it shown a deep blue, yet translucent in the sun. Not for fighting, no, but the showy quality would be ‘good' for a summoner's 'flashiness', as she was told. She did not need it to cause damage, after-all; she had other means.

But the faerie-like woman was interrupted by this sight as it paused before them. It had come across the river while her eyes were pre-occupied, nearly dropping the ornate staff in hand. A giant beast of an animal that appeared larger than life. Gentle from how the strange, blue-skinned people were treating it, and reminding her much of the Eidolons from the Feymarch. The summoner journeyed over once it’d been brought on land, eyes lit up like pyres of their own. A shoopuf. That’s what they’d called it.

"Hiiii, Shoopuf!” Her voice called outward, a few confused noises coming from its tenders nearby. The groan that came from the wide chest of the beast was enough to appease her, despite it simply being an impatient noise from the change in temperature. She cared little. She spun backward, excitement on pale features, and called. “Maester Seymour~! You never told me they were this bi—”


From the large, hose-like function came a flood of water. A long nose that appeared to have odd, lip-like folds at the end of it. It now dripped happily… much more so than the soaking wet Caller that stood, hair bent over her face, feathers drooping, body weight at least ten pounds heavier.

                                          Please tell me no one saw that.